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What is Communal Heating?

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Your home is part of a Communal Heating network.

Instead of having an individual gas boiler in every home, a communal heating system uses a centralised boiler room to provide heat to the whole development.

The Heat/Hydraulic Interface Unit (HIU) in your apartment transfers heat from the central system in to your apartment, and a heat meter measures your heat consumption. A thermostat similar to the kind used in traditional gas heating systems allows you to control the amount of heat you consume.

Heat networks are becoming popular, because it is more energy efficient to have one central source of heat rather than for each home to have its own boiler or heater. Your apartment benefits from being connected to a centralised communal system where you are buying ‘useful energy’ on demand (heat and hot water) rather than ‘raw fuel’ (gas).

 Some apartments benefit from centralised chilling as well as centralised heating.  This type of system provides cool air to an apartment during the summer months.

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