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Trader's Quarter and Banyan Court at Royal Wharf

Welcome to Trader’s Quarter and Banyan Court at Royal Wharf.

SW Energy provide you with; 

  • Pre-payment heat and hot water billing

If you have a question about our billing services, have lost your pre-payment card or there is a fault with your meter please contact SW Energy on 0330 088 3607.

If you have any other issues, e.g. loss of heat, please contact Notting Hill Genesis on 020 3815 0135.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-payment meter?

A prepayment meter is designed to assist with the budgeting and payment of your energy supply.

The prepayment unit is not an energy meter. Instead it takes readings from your energy meter, measures the amount of energy you consume and deducts the rate per unit from the amount of credit displayed.

When you have used all your credit the energy supply will stop until you have added more credit.

You can top up your credit at any time using a range of convenient methods, However, if you are running out of credit and are unable to top up your account, you can activate an emergency credit allowance which will give you a bit more time to make a payment. You will need to pay back this emergency credit the next time you top up.

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How do I get a pre-payment card?

When you move into the property your Housing officer will give you a payment ID card which will allow you to top up your prepayment meter. If you haven’t received this card please contact your Housing Officer.

If you have received a pre-payment card, but have since lost it, please Contact Us to arrange a replacement.

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How do I top up my pre-payment card?

You can add credit or “top-up” your pr-payment card in the following ways

  •  Pay Point - Payment at any of the 28,000 network of outlets using your identifying card.  Take your payment card and cash to any PayPoint outlet. Remember to keep your receipt as proof of payment and for the PIN number.
  • PayPal – Use PayPal via the energy billing web portal
  • Internet – Using the web portal. You will need to register details before your first purchase.  To register follow the on-screen instructions (you will need your payment ID card details). You can pay using a credit or debit card.
  • Telephone payment system: 01623 541401
  • Electronic banking direct payment, or Standing Order arrangements
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Where is my meter located - Heat?

Your heat and hot water meter is located in the utility cupboard of your apartment inside the Heat Interface Unit (HIU).

You can manually read your meter by lifting off the HIU cover (white metal case) to reveal the meter. 

Please take care when removing the HIU cover as it is quite heavy and the edges may be sharp; you may require additional assistance.

If your meter is not located here please contact your concierge, building management company, or housing association for further details on the location of your meter.

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