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Energy Management Service

SW Energy's Energy Management Service is an end to end solution giving you access to the full range of our expertise to reduce the typical challenges of; paying for gas, issuing accurate bills, maintaining a metering infrastructure, collecting revenue and managing debt. Notably with this service there is a transfer of liability to us for the purchase of gas and any heat billing debts.

The key components of the service include;

  • Gas procurement - Our bulk buying power means we can procure and supply gas at very competitive rates whilst also mitigating the need for you to pay a deposit.
  • Customer care - We have a friendly team of customer service professionals to assist your tenants with; account and bill enquiries, tenancy changes, bill payments and service/repair appointments.
  • Billing services - Our expert billing team ensures that energy usage is measured and billed correctly and on time. We take care to review consumption trends and identify potential issues early. We liaise with your team on site to ensure meter readings are always available and that any potential issues are identified and rectified as soon as possible.
  • Debt management services - Our credit control department manage any outstanding bill payments and tailor the appropriate debt management strategy for your development. We also provide advice and guidance to your tenants on payment plans and dealing with hardship. Responsibility for debt balances and the related cash flow challenges are transferred to us with this service.
  • Engineering support - Our experienced engineering team will liaise with your on site team to maintain the efficient functioning of your metering and heating infrastructures. They can also provide you with scheduled servicing plans and emergency call out services if required. 
  • Heat supplier responsibility - Under the Heat Network Regulations 2014, we assume the heat supplier responsibility and will work with you to ensure the site is compliant.
  • Management information - With the combined services we provide we are also in a position to keep you informed on various aspects of our services and the site itself. We typically report on a basket of measures or key performance indicators such as energy efficiency, billing performance, debt levels, maintenance activities and customer service activities. We also work with you to look at energy centre optimisation to ensure the efficient use of gas and competitive heat rates for your tenants.
  • Communication and contacts - We encourage knowledge sharing to better serve customers at the development and look to establish relationships with your teams on site to facilitate this. We can also include information leaflets and updates to be sent with the bills and can provide separate communication activities where required. Clients will have access to Director level contact points and key service managers to discuss the ongoing services and ensure a joined up approach is always provided.

If you would like to discuss our energy management service further please Contact Us.

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