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Preventative Maintenance

Over several years SW Energy have conducted research into the mineral content of water in the London area.

The water supply for London is collected from areas where water percolates through deposits of limestone, chalk and dolomite.  For this reason, London water is considered ‘hard’ in that it contains a high percentage of dissolved mineral content; mostly consisting of calcium and magnesium compounds.  These compounds solidify when water is heated and form what we all know as limescale.

We also found that there can be varying amounts of particulate matter (solid undissolved minerals) present in the water supply.

This can be seen in this random sample we took from a large development in the London area.

Water Test Water Test

During a routine servicing program at a separate development, we removed a large amount of debris and limescale build up from the Heat Interface Unit (HIU) filter.

This will have been preventing the correct operation of the unit and giving reduced heat and hot water, although this had not yet been picked up the end user.  

If not checked and serviced regularly blockages such as these can lead to damage to HIUs, repairs and emergency call-outs.

We would always recommend regular servicing of the HIU, just as we would with a domestic gas boiler.

If your HIU has not been serviced in the last year please feel free to request an HIU service via our online form.

Blocked Filter

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