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Prepayment & PAYG

SW Energy can provide you with the assurance that your bills are being paid by offering two flexible, secure and competitive prepayment solutions;  

  • To manage an existing prepayment system on your behalf.
  • To supply, install and manage our own PAYG system.

We provide your tenants with multiple convenient payment or top-up methods including Payzone and PayPoint. Through these your tenant is able to pay online, via telephone or direct debit.

The benefits of the SW Energy prepayment system are;  

  • Security for landlords as energy is paid for as it is used.
  • Competitive operating costs and tariffs.
  • The latest smart meter and wireless home display systems; meeting the code for Sustainable Homes.
  • Convenient local, online or phone payment methods, similar to traditional credit billing.
  • Access to detailed information about energy usage.
  • Dual fuel capabilities.
  • Emergency credit facilities.
  • The option to add engineering support and call out services.

For more information about prepayment options Contact Us.

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